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Climate Action Guide


The majority of Americans are concerned or alarmed about climate change, and yet, only a tiny fraction are actively involved with advocating for the changes in policy needed to address the climate crisis. 

Meanwhile, vested interests spend countless millions of dollars on professional lobbyists, financing our elected official's campaigns and their own public disinformation campaigns. And they are relentless. In order to counter their influence, a much higher percentage of our fellow citizens need to become climate advocates. 

Our orange climate change action figure celebrates that concerns for the earth outweigh the fossil fuel industry's concerns as represented by a scale tipping towards the earth

Climate Action Guide help's climate concerned citizens find the organizations and the resources they need to join the effort to rein in greenhouse gas emissions in time to save humanity from the worst effects of climate change. 


Every American who is concerned or alarmed about climate change becomes a climate advocate and stays in the fight through the inevitable ups and downs of advocating for a livable planet.

Our orange climate change action figure is on the bottom of a stack of people holding up a sign that reads "Everyone Gets Involved!". This illustrates organization's mission to get as many people as possible involved in action on climate change

Our Team

matt tucker's head shot

Matt Tucker 

Matt is the founder of Climate Action Guide. He also recently founded RebuildClimate to promote the Biden Build Back Better agenda. He is co-lead of 100% Renewable Truckee and the Project Coordinator for Pioneers of Clean Energy.


Prior to becoming active in climate advocacy, Matt designed integrated circuits for Juniper Networks and Xerox. His focus was on applying cutting edge integrated circuit technology to the problem of routing IP packets at the core of the internet. Matt has 8 U.S. patents to his name.

When Matt isn't advocating for the climate, he can be found with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors.

Meg Heim's head shot

Meg Heim
Board Secretary

Meg Heim is an artist, amateur mycologist, and climate advocate. She is a volunteer with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and lives on the west shore with her husband and her brown lab.

sam ruderman's head shot

Sam Ruderman 
Board Treasurer

Sam has worked in public, private, and non-profit environmental organizations. He has worked on areas as varied as energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability and climate action planning. His roles have included energy auditing, green buildings, greenhouse gas emissions inventorying, climate action and adaptation planning, data analysis, research and project management. Sam holds a B.Sc. in Environment, Renewable Resource Management from McGill University in Montreal, QC.

Outside of work, Sam is an avid outdoorsman and environmental advocate. He enjoys spending time with friends skiing, fly fishing, and mountain biking, and volunteering with his local Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter.


Climate Action Guide celebrates all past and present volunteers who have all been instrumental in making our guide what it is today. 

Alexandra Wythes

Courtney Henderson

Laurel Eastman

Yana Robbins

Bill Barron

Darilyn Kotzenberg

Naomi Johnson

Carrie Wright

Eyvonne Hu

Taryn Degnan

The Organization

Climate Action Guide is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Currently, we have no paid staff and rely on the efforts of volunteers.

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