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Concerned, alarmed or anxious about climate change?
Looking to volunteer or donate to a climate action organization?

We will help you find the climate action organization that fits you best!


Now Is

The Time

hands in various skin tones hold various symbols of environmental care aloft: an LED lightbulb, a recycle symbol, the globe, a leaf. This represents how we can all get involved in climate change action

The best time to get involved in climate action was 30 years ago.


The second best time is NOW!

Find a Climate Action Organization
That Fits You Best

We created a comprehensive, filterable collection of organizations at the forefront of climate action.


Use our guide to quickly determine how best to get involved in climate action and make a real difference. Click below to get started.

Our Focus on Climate Action

There are plenty of books, websites and blogs that recommend ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint through lifestyle choices.


We are different.


At Climate Action Guide, we focus on getting our visitors connected with climate action organizations to make systemic change. 

Skip our Guide and Volunteer Right This Minute!

Want to get involved NOW without doing any further research?

The ClimateActionNow app for your phone will get you involved in climate action in minutes.  Participate in campaigns from multiple organizations from one app.


But come back to us when you're ready to dive deeper!

a small orange cartoon character holds a sign with the Earth at its center overhead with an anonymous crowd in support behind representing how even people without money and power can make a difference on climate change

You Are Never Too Small

In 2018, Greta Thunberg was a 14  year old girl from Amsterdam when she started a global climate movement.


Today that movement gives millions of young people a voice on climate change policy.

Get Inspired: Climate Action Hero Profiles

"Its too depressing" or "It won't make a difference". We've heard all the excuses to not get involved in climate action.


Enjoy our collection of profiles of climate action heroes that demonstrate how affirming and effective climate action is.

Overcoming Incredible 

Odds Does Happen

An orange cartoon character stands astride a mountain top holding a flag. This represents how even seemingly impossible challenges like climate change can be overcome

Ending apartheid, the civil rights movement, women's right to vote, Indian independence.

Collective action works!

The Spotlight: Climate Action Organization of the Month

Here we put the spotlight on climate action organizations that illustrate the effectiveness of climate action.


Read these accounts for inspiration and to reassure you that if you volunteer with or donate to climate action organizations, its time and money well spent. 



Can Be


an orange cartoon character leaps across a chasm. This represents the thrill that comes from challenging yourself and getting outside your comfort zone which frequently happens with action on climate change

Taking on climate action is a big lift.


Thankfully, you will be joining a team of volunteers who will take on the challenge with you!

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